Core psychiatry course

This is a process and research-based course with learning objectives and modules for each specialty. Sessions are mapped to the Royal College curriculum and supported by the syllabus and cover all subspecialties within Psychiatry. 

Trainees work together in small geographically based learning sets which are established for trainees at the start of the year to facilitate learning. They use their clinical practice to inform their learning, hence linking work with knowledge. They will create their own portfolio with reflections on their learning and other resources and information.  

There will be an ongoing evaluation of this course.

The 2018- 2019 schedule can be accessed here.

Module Leads

Integrated Psychiatry - Dr Raghavendra Ramachandra,  Dr Mustafa Soomro, Dr Shelly Hogg, Dr Carlos Hoyos

Specialty Modules:

  • General Adult  -  Dr Raghavendra Ramachandra & Dr Mustafa Soomro

  • OPMH  -  Dr Shelly Hogg

  • Child and Adolescent  -  Dr Carlos Hoyos

  • Learning Disabilities  -  Dr Kuljit Bhogal

  • Psychotherapy  -  Dr Catherine Smith

  • Forensic  -  Dr Lisa Gardiner

  • Addiction  -  Dr Nicola Herod

  • Part A Communication Skills -  Dr Catherine Smith

  • Part B Advanced Communication Skills - Dr Panos Prevezanos 

  • Part A Exam Preparation - Dr Naomi Hampton

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Core Psychiatry Schedule 2018-19 including Psychotherapy modules.

2018-2019 schedule

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