Advanced Psychiatry Professional Programme

The Advanced Psychiatry Professional Programme for ST4-6   Psychiatric trainees in Wessex runs monthly from September to July on the 2nd Friday of the month and all ST4-6 trainees are expected to attend the 9 programme days per year.

The venue is normally Southern House at Otterbourne   Please note the venues for several dates this year. 

Less than full time trainees should attend the equivalent number of days over their training. Please contact us if you have any questions about attendance.

The course is led by Dr Amanda Taylor and follows a 3-year rolling programme.

The programme each day includes one or two masterclasses, topic-led discussion, reflective practice and portfolio development and peer group discussions. The schedule for the current academic year is (all Southern House except where indicated):

14 September 2018 - Moorgreen

12 October 2018 - Moorgreen

9 November 2018 - Southern House

11 January 2019 - Southern House

8 February 2019 - Moorgreen

8 March 2019 - Southern House

10 May 2019 - Southern House

14 June 2019 - Southern House

12 July 2019 - Southern House

13 September 2019 - Southern House

11 October 2019 - Southern House

8 November 2019 - Southern House

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