Wessex Psychotherapy training programme

Core Psychiatry trainees attend the psychotherapy teaching programme for 2½ hours every other Thursday afternoon, usually at Moorgreen Hospital. The teaching sessions take place on the Thursdays that the trainees are not attending the Core Psychiatry Course and roughly follow academic terms, i.e. 1 module of 6 or 7 sessions per term. There is one programme for the CT1s and another for the CT2/3s. Attendance at the modules is mandatory unless the trainee has already attended an equivalent training.

LTFT trainees will need to attend both the CT1 and CT2/3 rolling programmes at some stage in their Core training and will need to consider when in their part-time training it is best to attend these modules. The Psychotherapy Tutor is happy to discuss with trainees their circumstances and needs on an individual basis.



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3







Groups & group processes



Case Based Discussion Groups

There are weekly or fortnightly Case Based Discussion Groups in each locality for Core, GP and Foundation trainees. For information on the time and venue, please contact the locality tutor or the postgraduate centre. For Wessex Core Trainees, attendance at a CBD group is mandatory throughout the three years of training.

ST4-6 trainees attend regular Case Based Discussion groups based on specialty. Information on these can be obtained from the Programme Director or the postgraduate centre.

Cases and Supervision

Core and Higher trainees take on cases/groups in a range of modalities under supervision locally– please contact the Psychotherapy Tutor for details and for information and advice.

Wessex Psychotherapy Network

Core and Higher trainees are represented on the Wessex Psychotherapy Network. This group meets quarterly to manage and develop psychotherapy teaching and opportunities for trainees and to promote the understanding of psychotherapy.