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In March 2015 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) relaunched a revised Code for all nurses and midwives. The Code includes the professional standards of practice and behaviours which all registered nurses and midwives must uphold every day in order to join and maintain their position on the NMC register. Southern Health strongly supports the Code and the high levels of practice it promotes. We expect all our registered nurses and midwives to follow the Code and to remain on the NMC Register.

Following on from the launch of the revised Code, the NMC introduced revalidation, which revises the way registered nurses and midwives re-register every three years. Registered nurse and midwife revalidation has come into effect from April 2016. Every registered nurse and midwife must revalidate in order to maintain their registration and practice with Southern Health. Revalidation is to strengthen the renewal process as the NMC cites. Nurses and midwives must demonstrate that they are fit to practice and have reflected on their practice, through evidencing practice related feedback from patients, services users or carers and colleagues against the new revised NMC Code.