Booking flexible workers

As an organisation we are committed to delivering high quality care to all our patients and service users, and are always looking to find better ways of working to help reduce costs.  To help us to achieve this, we have been reviewing our usage of our flexible workers as part of our Safer Staffing campaign. 

It is essential for the safety and wellbeing of our patients and service users that we have the appropriate number and mix of staff. To allow us to do this, we need to ensure we have efficient systems in place to maintain safe staffing levels across our permanent and temporary workforce.

This has led to the implementation of a new flexible worker booking system which will aim to increase our bank (NHSP) usage and reduce our agency usage.

The rostering process

  • All rosters must be completed and approved,12 weeks in advance, by the end of every four week period
  • Requirements for all flexible workers must go through bank (NHSP) first, with the exception of medical.

Use of Agency staff

  • When NHSP are unable to fill a shift, the shift will be escalated to agencies that have been approved by the Trust.
  • Staff are not able to directly book agency workers but will be asked to follow a set of approved routes and seek authorisation from the appropriate member of staff within your cascade system. 

By booking our flexible workers through NHSP and agencies approved by the Trust, we can assure we are using high quality, skilled and competent staff that have undergone the necessary clinical governance compliance checks.

HR are using this review of bank and agency usage to help put in place a number of initiatives to help improve recruitment  in divisions across the Trust.

We would like to thank you for your support. We understand that this will be a new and different way of working, but one that will help us to maintain full and safe staffing across our Trust so we can continue to provide high quality are to our patients and service users. 

For more information please speak to your manager or visit the NHSP Southern Health website