Care Support Worker Development Programme

Southern Health work with NHS Professionals to recruit workers who may or may not have care experience but have a desire to work in the NHS and a passion for caring for people. The scheme has been running successfully since 2012 and is helping to meet the increasing demand for Care Support Workers.

How does the programme work?

Trainees join the programme and may have some previous care experience, gained in a care or nursing home environment. They are required to undertake a 7 day classroom training to achieve the required theoretical standard. This training is supported by a 5 day period of ward-based supervised practice, followed by a 6 month period of paid and supervised work within the Trust. During this period candidates form part of the workforce numbers and are expected to function as a junior Care Support Worker.

Who pays the Care Support Worker during this time?

Candidates are paid by NHS Professionals during the supervised placement and by the Trust once they start their 6 month placement. This will be at a lower rate, reflective of their experience during this time

What are the benefits for the trust?
  •  A flexible and consistent member of staff available for at least 30 hours per week

  •  Cost effective way of engaging with a flexible worker and managing ward vacancies

  • Upon successful completion of the programme, the worker receives the Care Certificate and can continue to work flexibly or apply for a substantive role in the trust.  Therefore the programme offers the ward the opportunity to add to their bank or team on a long term basis