Practice Assessor Role

This role comes into effect from September 2019

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The Practice Assessor role has been introduced in the new NMC Standards for Supervision and Assessment (2018). 

“Practice assessors conduct assessments to confirm student achievement of proficiencies and programme outcomes for practice learning…. assessment decisions by practice assessors are informed by feedback sought and received from practice supervisors” (NMC, 2018 7.1 & 7.2).

What is a Practice Assessor?

A Practice Assessor will make and record objective evidence based assessment of student conduct, proficiency and achievement, drawing on feedback from Practice Supervisors,  student records, direct observations, student self reflection and other resources. 

A Practice Assessor will be a qualified and experienced Registered Nurse.  They can assess more than one student but on a 1:1 basis. 


  • All students on NMC 2018 approved programmes are assigned to a nominated Practice Assessor for a practice placement or a series of practice placements, in line with local and national policies.
  • Nursing students are assigned to Practice and Academic Assessors who are registered nurses and who are suitably prepared.   
  •  Students studying for an NMC approved post-registration qualification are assigned to practice and academic assessors in accordance with relevant programme standards.
  • Registrants must have current clinical knowledge and expertise relevant for the proficiencies and programme outcomes they are assessing.

Recommended preparation before undertaking role of Practice Assessor:


Preparation needed

Registrant with no previous preparation

Complete Practice Supervisor preparation. After period of practice/consolidation complete Practice Assessor preparation – time determined locally, and after discussion with manager


Registrant who has completed practice supervision preparation

Practice Assessor preparation

Registrant who has successfully completed NMC Standards for Learning and Assessment in Practice (SLAiP) (2008) approved course or equivalent

Attend ‘transition to new roles’ preparation which includes information about new roles and responsibilities, models of supervision, and reviewing evidence to inform assessment decisions


The following topics are recommended for preparation for Practice Assessor role:   

a) Creating a culture of learning in practice, including different models of supervision and the framework of coaching.

b) Professional accountability and responsibility for all aspects of student assessment.

c) Practice Assessor role and responsibilities (including use of the Practice Assessment Document and those AEIs that use grading).

d) Understanding of Practice Supervisor and Academic Assessor roles and responsibilities.

e) How to give reflective feedback and feed forward.

f) Decision making in assessment (including confidence to fail and confirmation of achievement of proficiency).

g) Reviewing and assessing evidence from a range of sources from Practice Supervisors including developing efficient systems of supervisor feedback to the assessor.  

h) How to appropriately raise and respond to student conduct and proficiency concerns and gain support in doing so.

i) Utilising the role to inform own CPD and practice including receiving relevant induction, ongoing support and access to education and training which includes training in equality and diversity.