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Transferring Training

In some cases, yes! We call this ‘passporting’.

If you have previously worked for an NHS organisation that uses Electronic Staff Records (ESR), an Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) will be performed.

The IAT is an automated process that delivers portable data via ESR. Although Southern Health does not use ESR as a platform to host our training, we have built a process in which your training will be uploaded to your training record on LEaD Online. We expect to receive your IAT data set before you start in post – failing that, the day you start. But if we haven’t imported your training records, please get in touch and we can see what we can do to help.

We align to the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) developed by Skills for Health; this framework gives NHS organisations confidence to recognise that training standards have been met to a standard.

If you have completed some training you feel meets our standards, please get in touch and we can check this out for you.

•  Conflict Resolution                                              •  Fire Safety

•  Health & Safety                                                   •  Infection Prevention & Control

•  Information Governance                                      •  Patient Handling

•  Moving & Handling (Inanimate Loads)                •  Food Safety

•  Safeguarding Children & Adults Level 1 & 2       •  Safeguarding Children Level 3

•  Prevent                                                                •  Resuscitation BLS

•  Resuscitation ILS                                                 •  Equality & Diversity

Training can be passported providing:
  • It is one of the topics listed above.
  • The training was completed within the NHS or an approved CSTF provider and is aligned to CSTF. LEaD has a list of NHS trusts that are aligned to this, so will be able to advise staff on this.
  • The training is more than 100 days before the expiry date (based on Southern Health’s expiry periods).
  • The member of staff is able to provide evidence from their previous trust of their training record and/or certificates, including completion dates (if not passported via IAT). A copy can be requested from their previous NHS trust’s training department.