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Skills & Attendance

You can see your list of Required Skills on your training home page, with the date they are due to expire.

If none are shown, it’s because LEaD hasn’t yet received all of your details from HR. The system is updated with new data from HR each Tuesday, so your Required Skills will usually become visible on the Tuesday following your start date, or the next. If they do not by this time, please contact HR via the details below.

In the meantime, please find below a list of Statutory & Mandatory training requirements for all staff, which you can search for and complete/book onto. To find a course, click on ‘Search’ in the green bar at the top and enter the course into the search field on the left.

  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Health & Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Care
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Governance/Risk
  • Business Conduct for Staff Policy

Once we receive all your details from HR, you will see your additional role-specific training requirements.

HR Contact Centre:  ∙  023 8047 5160

You will see the correct Required Skills if the job title on your account is correct and up to date. Please check this by clicking on your name at the top left of the LEaD training site and scrolling down to the Role. Please note that the system updates with new information from HR each Tuesday, so your role information will usually update on the Tuesday following the start of your new role, or the next. If it does not by this time, please contact HR:  ∙  023 8047 5160

This may be because you didn’t sign the register on the day, or we have not received the register from the trainer. Your manager can let us know that you did attend by responding to the email, or you can complete the form linked below and send it to

Confirmation of Attendance Form

If you have attended a Face to Face course, please allow three working days for the attendance register to be returned to LEaD and your attendance to be updated on the system. If this time has passed, please contact LEaD to check the attendance.

If you have completed an online learning course, please note that if you have taken the course before, you must click the ‘Re-Enrol’ – not ‘Play’ – button when launching the eLearning course; otherwise your completion of the course will not be recorded. If this does not apply to you, then it may be that you still need to complete additional training in order to turn the skill green – please go to your home page and click on the relevant Required Skill to see all the training you need to complete to become competent in it.

To turn your Syringe Driver skill green, you must complete the 'Face to Face - Syringe Driver Essentials' training (or equivalent) and the 'eLearning - McKinley T34 Syringe Driver' module. You can then complete the Syringe Driver eVerification, which will turn your button green.

Please note that you can view all the training you need to complete to become competent in a Required Skill by clicking on it from your home page.

If you are still red after completing these, please ensure you have allowed three working days after the Face to Face course for the attendance register to be returned to LEaD and your attendance to be recorded on the system.