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Nurse Revalidation

Revalidation is the process that allows nurses and midwives to maintain their registration with the NMC. It builds on existing arrangements for the renewal of that registration. As part of this process, all nurses and midwives need to meet a range of requirements to show that they are keeping up to date and actively maintaining their ability to practise safely and effectively.

Please see the Nurse Revalidation intranet page for more information.
The revalidation portfolio on LEaD Online is a tool to guide you through the collection of evidence and monitor your progress towards your nurse revalidation. Once complete, you can download all your evidence to store and present in the event of a spot check by the NMC. The portfolio is not linked to the NMC, and only serves as a repository for your evidence – you will need to officially submit your revalidation separately through the NMC website.

To set up a portfolio, scroll down to the ‘Portfolios’ section on the right side of your LEaD Online home page, click on ‘Choose your revalidation portfolio template’, and follow the user guide below. Once set up, you will see a date in place of this, which you can click to access the portfolio. If you cannot see a link to set up your portfolio from your home page, it’s because we haven't received your revalidation date from HR. Please contact HR to see if they have one for you:  ·  023 8047 5160

User Guide
Nurses and midwives need to provide evidence of working 450 hours within the three-year period of their revalidation. You will need to provide evidence for 900 hours if you work as both a nurse and a midwife in a combined role.
Employment contracts or eRoster reports (which can be sent to you by your eRoster creator or approver) are acceptable forms of evidence. You cannot use a payslip as you may be on sick/maternity/annual leave during your three-year revalidation period.
Clicking the 'CPD' and 'CPD Participatory' tiles on your portfolio’s Dashboard will take you to the same page. To add CPD Participatory hours, ensure you tick the box labelled ‘Participatory hours?’ when adding a CPD entry – this will then count it towards the CPD Participatory section. You should do this for any entries which involved you participating in something with others, as opposed to lone working or studying. If you have imported your training record, click ‘Edit’ next to any courses with ‘Face to Face’ in the title and tick the ‘Participatory hours?’ box in order to count them towards this section.

You can submit your revalidation application 60 days before you are due to revalidate – you will receive an email at this point. The latest you can submit is a month before your revalidation date. Please note that once you have completed your portfolio on LEaD Online, you will need to submit your revalidation application officially through the NMC website. Please see the user guides below on how to complete these two processes.

User Guides:
Submitting your LEaD Online portfolio
Submitting your NMC revalidation application

If your portfolio is showing your previous revalidation, it means it wasn’t fully completed last time. This must be completed in order to start your next revalidation period. Please see the user guide below on how to do this. If you didn’t upload anything to the portfolio for your last revalidation, please see the next question below.

User Guide

To reset your portfolio, click on 'Settings' in the sidebar of your revalidation portfolio, select the last option: 'I will not be revalidating with this trust', click 'OK' on the pop up window, and then click the 'Switch my portfolio' button. This will return you to the Dashboard. Click on 'Settings' again, and then 'Portfolio Complete'. Enter the approximate date you submitted your previous revalidation, click the 'Confirm NMC submission' button, and then 'Yes' to reset your portfolio for your next revalidation period.

User Guide
No, your portfolio is just a tool for you to collate your evidence and track your progress. You will need to submit your revalidation separately through the NMC website, and then keep a copy of all your evidence in the event of a spot check. You can download the evidence in your portfolio by clicking on the ‘Downloads’ section of your portfolio.