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LEaD Online is a learning management system which acts as a database for the trust's staff training records, and delivers and manages all types of training content, including classroom courses, eLearning, and videos.

An account will become available for you when we receive your details from HR. You will then be able to register as a new user from the LEaD login page. The system is updated with new data from HR each Tuesday, so your account will usually become available on the Tuesday following your start date. To see if you have an account, ask your manager to try and add you to their team; if they cannot find your name, you do not yet have an account – try again next Tuesday. If there is still not an account for you by this time, please contact HR via the details below.

If your manager was able to find an account for you, please try registering again, making sure your NI number is typed correctly. If you are still unsuccessful, please contact HR to check they have the correct NI number for you on their system.

HR Contact Centre:  ∙  023 8047 5160

You can see your list of Required Skills on your training home page, with the date they are due to expire.

If none are shown, it’s because LEaD hasn’t yet received all of your details from HR. The system is updated with new data from HR each Tuesday, so your Required Skills will usually become visible on the Tuesday following your start date, or the next. If they do not by this time, please contact HR via the details below.

In the meantime, please find below a list of Statutory & Mandatory training requirements for all staff, which you can search for and complete/book onto. To find a course, click on ‘Search’ in the green bar at the top and enter the course into the search field on the left.

  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Health & Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Care
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Governance/Risk
  • Business Conduct for Staff Policy

Once we receive all your details from HR, you will see your additional role-specific training requirements.

HR Contact Centre:  ∙   023 8047 5160

Once you have started work, you will be booked onto an Organisational Induction by LEaD and informed by email. If you would like to cancel and rebook this, you will be able to do so in the same way as any other course booking.

You are expected to attend Organisational Induction within the first 6 weeks of employment.
The trust’s appraisal period runs from March to July, and in this time you a will see a red button for Appraisal Recording. Once you have had your appraisal with your line manager, you can update this by eVerification. If you are new to the trust, you may not necessarily have a full appraisal, but you should have objectives set with your line manager on starting. Once this has taken place, you can then update this by eVerification.

Some of your Statutory & Mandatory training may be able to be transferred from your previous employer.

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