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Managing Your Team

You can view and manage your team by scrolling down to the ‘My Team’ section on your home page. If you cannot see this, you will need to contact LEaD to have your account permissions changed to Manager.

User Guide

From your home page, scroll down to the ‘My Team’ section and click on ‘Edit’. To add a team member, click the ‘Add’ button, type in a name, and then click on the correct person in the list of results. To remove a team member, click on the name you’d like to remove, then click the ‘Remove’ button.

User Guide

From your home page, scroll down to the ‘My Team’ section and click on ‘Certificates’. You will be presented with a list of topics and whether they are required or not. It’s important to ensure that the ‘Show Compliance for Required Skills only’ option is ticked, or you will see all other obtained skills too.

You can click on a topic to see a breakdown or click on the compliance % to see a breakdown of each individual.

User Guide
Their new manager will need add them to their team – this will remove them from yours.

Find a course and select a date as usual, then choose ‘I would like to make this purchase for someone else’, and type the person’s name into the search field on the following page. Please note that the only staff who will appear in the results are those who are in your team on LEaD Online.

User Guide
When one of your staff books onto a course, you will be sent an email with a link to accept or decline the booking. Alternatively, you can see any bookings waiting for your approval on your training home page under 'My Task List'.
New starters will be booked onto an Organisational Induction and notified of the date and time by email. If this is not convenient, the booking can be cancelled and rebooked in the same way as other training.