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Booking & Cancelling

To find a course, log into your LEaD Online account, click on 'Search' in the green bar at the top and type a few words of what you’re looking for – or a course code – into the search field on the left. Then click on one of the results to view the course page.

On the course page, you will find a brief outline of the content, any relevant links, the course lead, and any pre-requisites you must complete before you can book on. Scroll down to view dates – click ‘Show all events’ to view the full list.

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This is either because you have not met all the pre-requisites for the course, or you left a past booking incomplete. First, return to the order by going to the home page and clicking ‘Continue with your order’ in the task list. Then scroll down and click the ‘Discard’ button. Now reattempt your booking. If you are still unable to continue, you may not have met all the pre-requisites for the course. Please read the red error messages at the top to see which courses you need to complete first.

Statutory & Mandatory training needs are regularly reviewed and events added to the system accordingly. 

Ordinarily, all other training is pre-planned for the year. However, if you require any additional training, we advise you to contact the course lead shown in the course outline.
It is not our practice to keep waiting lists as courses are regularly added to the system according to demand across the trust. The system is live, so if cancellations are made, the spaces will appear immediately, so it’s worth checking the website regularly.
In some cases, the capacity of a course can be increased, providing the room is large enough and there is enough seating and equipment available. If you would like to request a place to be made for you on a course, please email and we will forward your query onto the course trainer.

Course joining instructions are sent once a booking has been approved by the line manager. If your line manager has done this, please check the email address on your account is correct by clicking on your name in the top left.

If it is not, please correct it, then return to your home page, scroll down to the ‘My Learning’ section on the right and click on ‘details’ under the course you would like joining instructions for. On the following page, scroll down and click the ‘Send’ button to resend the joining instructions.
In order to book onto the BLS Refresher course, you must have:
  • Taken a 3+ hour resuscitation course with the trust in the last 365 days. If you are now red for BLS, or took the Refresher course last time, you will need to book onto the full course instead.
  • Completed ‘eAssessment - Resuscitation - Basic Life Support (BLS)’ a maximum of 90 days before booking.

To cancel a course booking for the future, from your LEaD Online home page, scroll down to the ‘My Learning’ section and click on the course you’d like to cancel. On the following page, scroll down and click the ‘Cancel booking’ button.

To cancel a booking on the day of the course, please contact LEaD, as you are unable to do this yourself. Please note that if you contact us to cancel your booking after the event has started, this will be marked as a DNA.

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If it is the day of the course, please contact LEaD to cancel.

Otherwise, you will be unable to cancel if your line manager has not yet approved your booking. Please ask your line manager to decline the request, which will automatically cancel the booking.