We now have our first Glucoheroes!
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On Tuesday 24 May, Liz Houghton, Diabetes Nurse Specialist launched Glucoheroes. Glucoheroes group has been set up by West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service as a way to spread the word about good diabetes management.

It aims will be to enable staff to extend their knowledge of diabetes and share best practice.   

Members of staff from various services around the Trust came together to find out how the West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service would support them as Glucoheroes and the benefits of the new initiative.  

Liz, Brian Lomax and Caroline Atkinson showcased a variety of diabetes equipment and shared some interesting facts about the Trusts diabetes management and the way forward.

If you are interested in becoming a Glucohero and would like to attend the next meeting please call the Fenwick on 023 8028 6401 and ask for Liz Houghton.

Who are Glucoheroes?

  • A Glucohero is someone who is interested in diabetes and wants to be part of a trust wide team to help colleagues support people/service users with diabetes improving their wellbeing and safety
  • A Glucohero will act as a link between workplace and specialist diabetes service.
  • A Glucohero will be able to signpost colleagues to up to date guidelines, on-line training and support.

Find out more:

Phone the Fenwick on 0300 003 0120 and ask for Liz Houghton

Visit the Diabetes Education webpage