Supporting information

The GMC have revised their guidance on supporting information which I believe is far more straight forward and it will be much clearer what sort of information you need to produce annually and over a 5 year period.  I strongly recommend that you look at the GMC and Royal College of Physicians document outlining supporting information in the list of links.

The GMC has now provided guidance for this supporting information so that it will fall under 4 broad headings.

General Information - this provides a context about what Doctors do in all aspects of their work ie clinical and non clinical;

Keeping up to Date - which is about maintaining and enhancing the quality of a Doctor’s professional work and will include Continuing Professional Development and peer group activity.

Review of a Doctor’s Practice - which is about evaluating the quality of a Doctor’s professional work and will include Case Based Discussion Activity, and Quality Improvement of Activity which includes audit and significant events ie Critical Incidents and the Doctor’s reflection on these events.

Feedback on a Doctor’s Practice - ie how others perceive the quality of Doctor’s professional work which will include feedback from colleagues, feedback from patients, all others where applicable for example users could be trainees, medical students etc and review of complaints and compliments.  This supporting information will link to the good medical and good psychiatric practice, frameworks and the 4 domains which cover the spectrum of medical practice; which are:

1)      Knowledge Skills and Performance
2)      Safety and Quality
3)      Communication, Partnership and Teamwork
4)      Maintaining Trust

As you are aware, each of these domains is described by 3 attributes.

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